in the long, long ago

In the long, long ago, I blogged at ducking for apples. I stopped using it in 2011 when our estranged family began using what I wrote to make our life difficult.

In response to threats from them and in an effort to smooth things over, I stopped blogging altogether.

I am confident enough now in our parenting and the way we live our life to start writing about it without fearing that it will be used against us. And I have stopped caring what the people in question think about me, because the relationship with them is irreparable.

I did consider restarting the old site. After lots of thought, though, I decided that the focus of what I'm going to write about now is more Disabled Child-Centred, rather than Polish-Lodger-Centred. So a new place to write about that stuff is good.

Having said that, I've imported the old archive from DFA, so if you want to dip in and out of it, please do.

I've unpublished a couple of posts about family, but the rest of it is there.