Monday, 30 January 2017

legwarmer help, please, fibre-friends?

Knitting and crochet friends, if you have any spare time/wool, could I put a shout out for leg warmers for N, to go over her splints? 

Her feet and legs in the splints are going blue with cold, even with thick socks. Apparently it's just 'something that happens to 'children like her'". They are looking at getting a leg support thing on the front of the wheelchair to elevate them, but 'gentle warming methods' are also appropriate. I just don't have the get-up-and-go to do it myself at the moment.

If you need a pattern, there is this one at Ravelry for wrist-warmers that I've used in past - the large version works really well as child leg warmers and the floppy bit keeps her feet warm. I do have the pattern to email if you'd like it. However, there are also a load of other ones that are everything from beginners to expert, that are free. Her measurements are ten inches around the leg and knee to ankle she is another nine inches, ish. Colours: either green to go with her school uniform (in the pic) or anything else at all, to go with the 'child from the Steiner School' look that we usually go for :). 

As you can see from the picture, she is actually walking very well, thanks to the botox - twelve months ago now - and the the tendon lengthening operation in the summer. She is having loads of Hydro, Physio and Bowen therapies, which are really helping. She is extremely determined and we have both a new walker and a new wheelchair in the works that will make it easier for her to transfer in and out herself. 

We are plodding along, generally speaking. It's a tiring time of year, isn't it? But other than that, we seem to be on an even keel. No antibiotics or hospital stays so far this winter. No drama other than multiple feeding button failures. And we have a house-rabbit now.

For today, that is all.