Tuesday, 15 November 2016


I have taken the plunge this year and started NaNoWriMo. So far I've got about twenty-six thousand words and I have written something every day since the beginning of the month. On Saturday I came to a bit of a full stop because I kippered out so much and ended up sleeping for most of the day. So this week I need to get the word-count up keep up with myself.

Instead, I'm blogging. Because that's writing, right?

We found out on Friday that we are going to be able to stay in the house - the church (who are essentially our landlords) have bent over backwards to make that possible, and it such a huge relief. I am now busy planning what I can plant in the garden in a slightly more permanent fashion and planning to buy a new sofa bed for the chalet to make guests more comfortable and also, to turn it in to a writing space for both of us, because actually having a routine and a working day is the way forward.

In meantime, I have cut right down on my poultry stock. It was taking four person hours per day to look after them properly and it was just too much for us to deal with given the circumstances. We are all much happier. B because he isn't being asked to Undertake Poultry Tasks, me because I have stopped resenting having to ask other people to Undertake Poultry Tasks and the children because they have more of our time. I have kept the Barnevelders, to provide us with eggs and meat; and a few layers of coloured eggs for a pretty market stall. B is still doing the market on a Friday and I a still teaching courses at the weekends sometimes, with the 'not being able to do it if I'm going to have a fit' parameters. We have had to cancel a few over the summer due to bad pacing on my part; but towards the end we have got the hang of it and my baby sitters have been able to hover in the background.

I hate having babysitters. I loathe it. I feel angry and frustrated and disempowered, ALL THE BLOODY TIME and it's turning me in to a harpy. We have found a really lovely person to help with the house and she is coming on a Tuesday morning. B has puppy-walked me out to Sainsbury's this morning and we are tucked in a corner of the cafe, drinking chocolately beverages and writing. I'm procrastinating, of course, rambling in fact. So I'm going to bugger off and write three thousand words set in London in the early 1920's. Watch me go. Yay.

For today, that is all.

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