Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Basic soap

I'm getting a grip on the day and making some soap. Just thought I'd mention it and be all positive and creative and stuff. Same old recipe - but haven't done it for ages:

16 oz. lard (or Pura) (454g) 
2.15 oz. caustic soda (60g) 
7 fl.oz. COLD water 

- Put the lard to melt in a glass bowl (I used to stick it on top of the rayburn when I had one) 
- Add the caustic soda to the cold water (GENTLY! And never the other way round) 
- Once the water is clear again, add it slowly to the melted lard, mixing with a hand-blender with a towel over the top to stop it splashing 
- When it's going gloopy and you can see the path of the blender in it ('tracing'), pour it in to your mold 
- Keep it as warm as you can for a few hours to help the caustic soda/fat reaction continue 
- Leave for six weeks somewhere where air can circulate round it - eg in a tea towel in the airing cupboard 
- Slice and use 
- Or, grate, add a bit of water and some petals/essential oils and wodge in to the mold again to set for a few days before slicing

Wear eye protection, rubber gloves and an apron - be careful, caustic soda is grim stuff. This makes a very nice soft, basic soap.