Wednesday, 17 September 2014

nappies and sleep

We get N's nappies on prescription, every three-ish months. When we are getting to the end of the stash, we ring up and order some more. This has never gone smoothly, mostly because she grows between orders and we therefore need to get a bigger size.

You can't get a bigger size without the nappy nurse telling them to change the order.

About a month ago I told the Compass Team that we would need a bigger size in a few weeks. The Compass Team passed the message along to the nappy nurse. I assumed our order had been changed.

This morning I rang up the order-line number to order some more.

It was dead.

I rang a number I had for the nappy nurse, which turned out to be adult continence, not paediatric. I was given the paediatric number.

I rang the paediatric nappy nurse number.

The paediatric nappy nurse said that she had told the Compass Team that they needed to speak to the school nurses to get a reassessment done.

At that point, one of the Compass Team was actually here in my living room, and she said she'd not been told that when she contacted the nappy nurse.

The paediatric nappy nurse gave me the number for the school nurses, who are in the office next door to her with a one digit difference phone number. Apparently I am not really supposed to phone them myself and it's not her job, the Compass Team should have done it.

She also gave me the number of the new provider of paediatric continence products, because they have swapped over and the letters have not all gone out yet - that was why the phone number was dead. I should have got a letter when we were due to reorder.

She told me that I should ring them and trigger an order of too small nappies so that I had some anyway and the sizing was slightly different on the different brand 'so they may be okay' and then arrange for a school nurse to visit N and check the sizing.

I can check the bloody sizing, it's not rocket science to see that my child has grown and needs a Size Five pull-up for children of fifteen kilos instead of a Size Four for smaller children.

This is stilted and grumpy and just a moan really; everything seems such a struggle at the moment. N was awake six times last night and more than that the night before. If you don't go in and resettle her when she murmurs in her sleep, she wakes up properly crying and it takes more time to get her to go back down. B is so tired that he actually fell asleep in our counselling session yesterday, which is funny only in retrospect. My back is still bad, but not as bad thanks to a Bowen session I had on Monday. The damage to the van turns out to be more than the wing mirror - the driver's side door handle and lock has come off completely although the central locking still works. It is L's birthday tomorrow and he is so excited that he's running wild.

We are going to the hospice for three nights from tomorrow and I am hoping we can catch up on our sleep.

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