Sunday, 1 June 2014

party on, dude

Yesterday we hosted a small children's party. Small in all senses of the word - average age was six and there were eight of them, including younger siblings. There was bouncing on the new-to-us trampoline and a screaming water-fight that featured a paddling pool, a hosepipe and one child thoughtfully getting in to said paddling pool whilst wearing his socks. After that, everyone dressed up in various hats, blankets and tea-towels and were Egyptian Kings In Disguise.

No-one was sick and there were only two screaming tantrums, both of which were by my children, so that was okay. Kind of. 

All in all it was a success and I might do it again. 

Today, we have been chilling out in the sunshine in the garden, taking turns with the hammock (mostly me) and the trampoline (mostly L). I definitely made the right decision to not pursue gymnastics as a career.

It's been a nice, normal weekend and I wish more of our days were like this. I just felt that I needed to register that with the world at large, since I seem to spend a lot of time here whining on about how tough things are.

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