Tuesday, 3 June 2014

it's not the size of the ship that matters

I have decided that I haven't actually got a writing technique, per se. I just seem to need to let everything bubble along inside my head for a bit and then clear the decks by downloading all the kibble that's floating around in there on to the blog. And then off I go. I managed six hundred words yesterday by the time I'd finished feeling crap about transport, worrying about the escaped rabbits eating my turnips, dealt with two potential poultry purchasers and failed to plant out the cucumbers.

At close of play last night I had a holding response from our SEN Caseworker by email, saying that they are in 'discussions with colleagues' about how best to support N. I responded with a thank you and got an out-of-office auto-reply saying they'd next be in the office on Friday. So I'm trying to let that go until later in the week.

Anyway, today.

Today, I have attended to the life machines - dishwasher, washing machine, tumble-drier. I have fed and watered all the livestock, which takes on average an hour. I have caught one escaped rabbit and failed to catch another. I have finalised my list for the poultry auction tonight. I am in the process of checking what hatching eggs I have available for a couple of potential buyers. I have emailed a couple of potential helpxers. I have sorted out what I wanted my fortnightly garden maintenance team to get on with. I have signed and shared a petition to stop fracking in North Somerset. I have phoned Ma to wish her happy birthday and arranged to go and have cake this evening. I have checked and updated my waiting list for chickens and realised I have another hatch coming out at the weekend.

I have also had five cups of coffee and I am now going to get my head down and actually write some stuff for a couple of hours.

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