Friday, 23 May 2014

picture this

L's houses!
I am so, SO proud of my wonderful, clever children. 
I've just had an email from the Children's Hospice South West to tell us that the pictures they made the last time we stayed at Little Bridge House have been sold at a fundraising auction for five thousand pounds. I'm all weepy. Although that's partly because L's dancing round the living room shouting "FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS!" so loudly my ears are thinking about bleeding. 

N's feet and L's hands
I was miserable about UKIP and the poor polling turn out and the rain and the escaped rabbits and school transport not getting back to us and the stupid grumbling woman at L's school drop-off and all sorts of stuff. But this is a fantastic end to the week. 
Remember that I'm waddling in the Rainbow Run in aid of the hospice on the 8th of June. And you can donate here


  1. You're all weepy? I'm welling up too!! That's bloody fantastic :)

  2. Wow... just wow! How lovely! Beautiful images too.