Wednesday, 21 May 2014

futile venting

Dear Community Police Office

Thank you for your letter, sent to all parents, regarding drop-off and pick-up outside L's School. I understand the concerns of the resident who has made the complaint. Parking at the school has been a contributory factor in our choosing to move our severely disabled child from the school to a different local primary, where disabled parking is actually provided for parents. If your complainant is the same lady who has button-holed my husband on more than one occasion as he was unloading our daughter on the edge of the zig-zag lines outside the school, with her two wheelchairs, her three bags and her walking frame, you can assure her that her attitude had the desired effect and we have given up our attempt to keep our child in the same school as her brother.

However, her six year old brother does still needs dropping at school and we are reluctant to leave our daughter, who is at continual risk of choking, in the car unattended whilst walking him up the hill from the village hall car park. We are also reluctant to allow him to walk up from the village hall car park by himself.

Him being only six and all.

If you have any suggestions to resolve our dilemma, I would be most keen to hear them.

Yrs etc

Ranty Lady from Rantyville


  1. I think you have been very restrained. Frankly I would have sought out the complainant and suggested that since she has nothing better to do than make life difficult for others, perhaps a more positive action such as assisting to solve the apparent (to her) problem would give her even more reason for smug self congratulation!

  2. Is there another parent who could walk him up from the car park?

  3. Not that we can rely on being there at the same time as - our routine in the mornings is non-existent because some days it takes 45 mins to get N dressed, if she's feeling crabby. So bloody fed up with everything being a struggle :(.