Friday, 30 May 2014

dickensian squalor

Revving up to close of play two weeks after I last spoke to anyone from County and I finally have an email from them. They can't find anyone to take N to school in her wheelchair.
I note that you have now ordered an electric wheel chair for N but I am afraid that I have to tell you that the LA has exhausted all options to find an operator which can transport her in the electric wheel chair. There are simply no vehicles available which will be able to do this.   .......   this will mean that the family will have to ensure that N's electric wheel chair is transported to and from school.  
It makes it sound like we're getting her a powered chair for the hell of it, doesn't it? Just to do a few wheelies the playground at lunchtime.

I am so bloody, bloody, BLOODY fed up.

I have written back, but I can't bring myself to put it up here. I've spent a large amount of my time this week writing letters to people telling them how poorly N is and it's just depressing. This batch has included the one to the LEA; one asking Motability to change our policy to an open one, so anyone caring for N can take her places; one to Cerebra asking for funding for her riding therapy.

I feel like a beggar, whining on about how crap our circumstances are, how sick our poor little girl is, how we need all this help and please, please, pretty fucking please, can't you drop a shilling in to the hat?

The Motability van has arrived, though. N likes the tail-lift.

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  1. yay on the van

    I'm sorry you are going through this rubbish - I've said it over and over, but until you experience it first hand, one believes help is provided for those that need it. Yes the help is there but they work so hard to make it inaccessible

    The constant fighting does wear you down. It can become all you spend your energy on. For us, the best decision I made was to stop fighting the LA and we dropped out of the school system all together.
    I hope you find a solution for you.

    hang in there