Tuesday, 1 April 2014

mostly ranting

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the moment you decide you are going to take a quiet ten minutes and candle your eggs, you notice that the cat has crapped in the corner by the incubator.


I'm on fire this week - a bit of sunshine and the whole world looks better. We've got the move to N's new school sorted and she's starting after Easter. They seem very clued up and are more experienced with children with complex needs. It seems to me that facilitating her doing stuff like swapping between the walker and her Bugzi when she is tired won't be an issue, as it is currently.

I am spitting tacks because neither of her class teachers made the Transition Meeting with the new class teacher and SENCO that was arranged last week. We only found out about it via the new school so it's entirely possible her teachers weren't informed either; and only her Learning Support Assistant was able to attend along with the existing SENCO, who had arranged the meeting. Her LSA is great - so great she's been recruited by the local special school - and has a really good grasp of N's achievement and needs; but still. I feel really let down by the 'old' school and I am hoping that the fact we have removed N isn't going to impact on the way that they treat L.

I keep telling myself that it won't, that they are more professional than that; but when it comes down to it, I don't think that some members of staff are. For example, the thing that ticked me off the most was that during the meeting was about the Bugzi. We have wanted it in school from when she got it back in the autumn, as has her physiotherapist. School have most emphatically not facilitated it. First it was because there was no room to put it over-night; so we thrashed out a place for it to live. Then it was because they weren't sure that she could use it safely - this was flagged at a meeting in January. So we booked her on a Whizz Kidz course, (which is happening next week) and the Physical Impairment Support team said that in the meantime, school could arrange a little obstacle course for her and that would be fine.

However, in the meeting last week, the SENCO said that the Bugzi 'hasn't been brought in to school for some reason', clearly putting the ball back in our court.

I'm tanting, can you tell?

If something can't be facilitated for a reason, tell me the reason. That's fine. If something's not been facilitated because you are crap at your job, please don't try to turn that back on us. Because we are doing our damnedest, in extremely difficult and draining circumstances, to provide our children with a life that is as 'normal' as can be. If four hours a week in post isn't enough to do the job properly, then that needs to be flagged, because this is my child's physical, emotional and intellectual well-being that you are mucking around with to bolster your ego.

Anyway. Having got that off my chest, in my calm, lucid and rational moments, my mantra is 'focus on the outcomes, focus on the outcomes'. That's all that matters.

I have fed my concerns back to N's social worker, because I reckon she'll be more tactful than I am about flagging them up.

It's sunny. I have an incubator to fill.

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  1. the fighting for the right thing is so tiring. Hope N's new school works out well - sounds like they are clued up.