Wednesday, 23 April 2014

easter bunnies

Mostly, this week, I seem to have been catching rabbits.

This crop of babies are now about twelve weeks old and need more space than they had in the hutches, so on Saturday morning we made a couple of pens around the two large animal houses we had spare, separated the girls from the boys and voilĂ , instant Easter Bunnies.

Except it didn't work quite like that.

I pulled the curtains on Sunday morning and the garden was full of copulating rabbits. It looked like a terrorist attack had happened at a magician's convention. It turns out that a) they ARE old enough at twelve weeks and b) We SHOULD have pinned that wire down a bit more.

I'm about to phone the wood yard and see if they are going to deliver this Friday, because having some *actual real fencing panels* would go a long way towards lessening permeability.

Over the school holidays we have been out and about with the children to various places, including taking L and a friend to the Fleet Air Arm at Yeovilton (B: "I wish I'd remembered the fucking hip flask!") and to 'Animal Farm' near Weston (Me: "I feel short-changed, where are the talking pigs?").

N has spent three days on a Whizz Kids wheelchair skills course and now has both a certificate pinned on the wall and an appointment at the wheelchair clinic at Whitsun for a 'grown-up' chair that she can travel in. This will make our lives a great deal easier because we will be combining two bits of kit - the push-along wheelchair and her teeny-tiny Bugzi electric chair - in to one, that she can travel in. I am hoping that it will all be sorted by the time Motobility deliver our Renault Master (did I mention the tail-lift?) and it will be a brave new start all round.

I've finally found my missing seeds - in the bag on N's walker - and this afternoon I am going to plant squashes. And catch some more rabbits, by the look of it - one's just hopped past the climbing frame.

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