Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 97

Today we reached a strange, new land, that the inhabitants call The Bottom Of The Laundry Basket. It is flat here, despite the tunnelling we have had to do to reach it; and there is a strange, leaden smell that permeates the air. There are random items strewed around, too numerous to mention in their entirety; but the one thing they have in common is that the inhabitants have no record or their arrival.

So far I have found several large pieces of pancake, with tooth-bitten edges. There is no dating data available for them. There are various pieces of Lego of different sizes, including an early model of Hans Solo in Carbonite that I am told is held in great esteem by certain followers; four marbles; a toothbrush and a small curved piece of rusted metal that could be the shoe of a small pony or the heel of a boot, both of which have been saved by the locals for 'archaeology experiments'. There are also a large number of used tissues.

And a potato masher.


  1. LOL - I did a forage into the deepest recesses of the boys' room when they were away and located 4 single socks, a bottle of shower gel in a cupboard, more fluff that I would have thought possible .... but no potato masher! And a lot of used tissues. It was not a pleasant experience!

  2. I have been forbidden access into my boys room (he's 19). Not sure I would want to delve into it anyway. :)