Tuesday, 18 February 2014

my grandmother's hands (first draft)

I have my grandmother's hands.
Long fingers and a wedding ring
the curve of the knuckle near the neat nail.
Age spots on the backs,
Thin skin and callouses
tell the story of a life.

I have my grandmother's hands.
I bind a cut on my daughter's finger
in the same way my grandmother remembered
her grandmother binding hers
as she bound mine.

My grandmother's hands tell so many tales.
Two World Wars, a marriage, a child;
Hard times, better times.
hands to the wheel, hands to the pumps
hands soothing a sick child
hands that discipline
hands that reward.

An image in my mind of hands pouring tea, buttering bread
Laying the table with the plates with pheasants on them
Darning a sock and threading a needle.
Holding mine as we walk to the station to watch the trains,
warm in the winter sun
Holding mine as I sit beside her bed,
cool with approaching death

Long fingers and a wedding ring
the curve of the knuckle near the neat nail.
Working hands, loving hands
That pass these memories down the generations.
My daughter has my grandmother's hands.


  1. Beautiful, Cheryl. I loved it.More of this xxx

  2. Brought a little tear to my eye - really was lovely

  3. Like it. Lots of levels to it.

  4. Great observations and reflections. I enjoyed it a lot.

  5. That's beautiful, and it made me remember my own gran in a way I haven't for a long time, so thank you for that.

  6. Thanks, everyone. (And specially Rob, who's comment made me come back and read you all). I have tidied this up and entered it in to a competition - first time I've had confidence to do so. So thank you all for the encouragement.