Sunday, 5 January 2014


Henry, the large buck rabbit, was banished outside again yesterday, after his presence triggered a cross-species non-consensual sex act between Bungo the lop-eared rabbit and Fred the long-haired guinea-pig. Fred was too traumatised to give verbal evidence, but his hair was really mussed up and he was slightly damp and shaken. Bungo can look as smug as he likes; I have found him a new home with a lady who has lots of guinea-pig free space and he's going this week, when I have time to take him over there.

Henry liked being inside and having the run of the house; but he left a trail of small rabbit currants behind him and picking them up got old really quickly. So he's back in his two-story outside cage where he can see who's coming and going through the gate.

In other news, I have wired the wii controller nunchucks to the mains to provide an escalating scale of electric shocks when the children don't give up their turns if the buzzer goes off. I reckon it's good parenting in the long run, because it's teaching them to share.

I have shoes and pizza planned for tomorrow. B's taken the Christmas decorations down and hoovered up the pine needles whilst supervising mini-Ninjas. I've fiddled around online and done electronic housekeeping.

Days until term starts: 1.5

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