Sunday, 4 June 2006

cyber country-and-weston

Thank you for the flea-advice. I think we are going with the 'count how much money we have after the wierd first-slug (unfortunate word - they are HUGE) mortgage payments come out and they buy new ones if we possibly can' approach. *shudders and scratches*.

Apologies for not commenting, or indeed, reading anyone else's blog at the moment; I will be back in the cyberworld-proper next week I think ... when the boxes have disappeared :).

HOWEVER, good news!

The engineer came today and climbed the telephone pole opposite the house, declined a cup of tea and then phoned me from the exchange to tell me that in a couple of days, we should have a 2M broadband connection. Yay!

Also, I have met the Post Delivery Lady and had a conversation with the Bin Men. They were apparently running a bit late today, because they went a different route, just for a bit of a change. Bin Men in our old area could barely walk and talk at the same time, and if they could didn't really want to engage with you; presumably because they were all fed up with handling used needles and things; so it made my day. It's the simple things in life ... .

Yesterday we discovered that our open fire had a back-boiler. I found a leaflet from Dunsley Heating Appliances and did a little research. And then I phoned the incredibly helpful people at Dunsley, who recommended that I go away and fill it with water to see if it leaked - because if they have a fire lit underneath them when they're empty, it warps the plates.

We put four gallons of water in before it started to trickle out.


And today, the Removal Guys did a final run out from Wallasey with my plant pots, which filled the entire floor of their luton van - and then they went with B to collect the greenhouse that the vendor we bought this house from wanted to get rid of from her new house. Score!

I go to drink a glass of wine sat on the bench outside, and watch the buzzards.

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