Sunday, 22 December 2013

no retreat, baby ...

Christmas Holiday, Day (Minus 2): I try out my theory that sex will stop a panic attack in it's tracks. B and I are in the living room and there is a knock on the kitchen door. My mother walks in.

Ma: "Hello! Only me! Oh. Well. I'll go and cut that holly from your garden before I take my boots off!"
B: .....
Me: .....

Ten minutes later.

Ma: "Hello! Only me! Glad to see you're feeling better, Ally! I was speaking to Aunty Edith and Aunt Myra earlier and they are both well. And getting VERY DEAF! AS I AM! Anyway. Glad to see you're both a bit more cheerful!
B: ....
Me: ....

Conclusion: Panic attacks can be side-tracked by either endorphins or embarrassment, but I am not yet sure which.

Christmas Holiday, Day (Minus 1): Nothing dreadful or chaotic happens. I mark this in my diary.

Christmas Holiday, Day 1: Nenna does not want to get dressed and screams for forty-five minutes instead. Nenna does not want to eat or drink. Nenna has a post-antibiotic infection. I ring the NHS 111 helpline thing to ask whether I can use Canestan on her. They ask all sorts of questions designed to rule out sexual abuse and insist on an appointment. B takes her in and after one look at her the out of hours doctor prescribes ... Canestan. Nenna and B arrive home after two hours wasted driving round Somerset.

Christmas Holiday, Day 2: Leo wakes Arvo at 5.30AM. Leo makes mince pies. There is flour all over the kitchen, B and both children. For the third time we lose part of the Studio Giblhi box set intended for Christmas and discovered by Leo yesterday. Something mauls one of my Barbu d'Anvers bantams in the shed and I have to wring it's neck.

For today, that is all. But remain on standby.

Days until term starts: 15

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