Friday, 30 December 2011


Q: How many pairs of pants can one child put on simultaneously?
A: In tests performed so far, eight have been donned at once without injury.

Q: How does this effect toileting?
A: It makes it much slower. And therefore it means that you run out of pants much more quickly than otherwise as they *all* end up in the wash at once.

Q: Does the gender-bias or cut of the pants effect experimentation?
A: Testers have found that starting with 'Girl-Type' pants and moving on during the layering to 'Boy-Type' pants is the best method of simultaneous pant-piling.

Q: At what point does movement become impaired?
A: This depends on whether a nappy is worn underneath or not. Eight, however, does appear to be the maximum for comfortable and sustained movement.

Q: How are the pants removed?
A: With difficulty. Especially when damp.



  1. **does not take into account any pairs worn on head

  2. It somehow reminds me of the morning Hannah and Thomas made Trivial Pursuit card sandwiches with butter and chocolate milkshake powder on the kitchen floor

  3. I knew letting the boy wear pants was a mistake.