Saturday, 24 September 2011

good stuff

Because of Nenna's mobility issues, we are going to need to move house before too long. This house, although lovely, is unsuitable because of the Plummeting Risks associated with the stairs, because one single bedroom leads out of the other (meaning we can't stairgate Nenna's room without cutting Leo off from the toilet) and because the doors downstairs open directly on to a cobbled courtyard which she cannot walk on safely and which is Very Bad when she falls.

Option 1 was a static caravan, with temporary agricultural planning, on my Mama's nursery; it has some advantages, but we've decided against it, mainly because my Sensible Friend got me to think about how I'd feel in the middle of winter after it had been raining solidly for a fortnight and I was trapped inside with the children and B, all going stir crazy.

So, we've gone for Option 2, which is to look for pretty much as ideal-a house as we can manage to find. This place is lovely, we have no pressure to get out, and we can take our time looking.

We want somewhere with a larger kitchen. With a flat garden that isn't too big. With outbuildings suitable for the incubators and brooders. With three bedrooms and some storage in the house. And woodburners.

Yesterday's viewing was a wing of a manor house owned by some very, very posh people, with the use of a walled garden. It was BRILLIANT. But you can't see the garden from the downstairs windows of the house; so a no-no from a supervision point of view.

Today, we went to look at somewhere else, also close by. It pretty much ticked all our boxes. It's not available until November, as the landlord is having some remedial damp work done. That will give us plenty of time to declutter and sort out everything; I am on a roll, sending things to the charity shop right left and centre. It's a great feeling.

In other news, we all have chest colds and Nenna and B are on antibiotics.

For today, that is all.


  1. That sounds brilliant - and the damp sorted out before you move, too!

  2. Sod re the colds, but a tentative yay! re the accommodation issue. Sounds like the wheel is turning chez toi too. :)

  3. sounds good and postive (apart from the lurgy bit)