Friday, 26 August 2011

Self-sufficiency/cooking appliances for sale

A friend of mine (near Lancaster) is having a bit of a clear-out and has the following self-sufficientish/knit-your-own-yoghurt stuff for sale:

1 Tchibo Food Dehydrator (circular sort) used once or twice but in perfect condition with 6 trays - £20

1 Bohmann Mincer with sausage stuffing attachments used twice - £50

1 Meat Slicer (electric) - Type that Lidl sold a few years back - £20

1 Covatutto/Novital 24 Semi-Automatic Incubator with all the dividers - £60

I have the turner for this to make it a fully automatic but it seems to be a bit problematic although I can send it as well and it's up to the buyer however new ones can be bought from Ascott about £35 and I've had several successful hatches from it

1 Kids Candy Floss Making Machine
- Great for making a mess with the kids in a controlled way - £20

1 Ascott Dutch Cheese Press like this  - £30

She can post, with P&P on top of the price, obviously. Please leave me a comment if you are interested, and I will pass your details on.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


B has started his own blog, probably mostly about Bee Keeping.

We have about thirty-five pounds of honey and Ma's house is covered with a thin film of it. B and a friend went through our two hives last weekend and this week we have taken three supers off and extracted them. It is three years since we had any honey of our own and it feels like a MASSIVE achievement. B is rightly very chuffed with himself, as he is Chief Bee Wrangler, in the same way that I am Chief Chicken Wrangler. The blog is a vague attempt to keep track of what he has been doing. Please do pop over and say hello - Plan B from Outer Space.

Next decade, I will be getting him on to twitter ;).

For today, that is all. Thank you and goodnight.