Monday, 30 May 2011

chicken-keeping courses

I decided a while back that I would start offering courses for people who want to learn about chickens - based on the Omlet model of a few hours in an afternoon.

The Omlet model seemed to be an hour and a half or two hours for fifteen quid or so. Some of them are advertised by people who have only been keeping birds for a year or so themselves; and it is VERY focused around Omlet kit, which, IMO, whilst lovely-looking and bespoke designed, is waaaay past a lot of people's budget.

Given that I have a teaching qualification and have been poultry-obsessed since my early teens, I thought that I could give it a go and miss out the Omlet-focussed bit. So I sat down and put together a lesson plan for a three hour course, involving handling birds, looking at our various different kinds of purpose-built and/or cobbled together housing and finishing with a chat over tea-and-cake, and I whacked it on my website at £30 a head; and on the Omlet website too. And forgot all about it.

This morning I got an email from someone who is interested in coming, along with her teenage daughter. I have arranged for them to come on Friday afternoon and I am now having slight first-night nerves. It's nothing that I haven't been doing informally with anyone who has come to buy birds from me - without the tea and cake, usually, admittedly - but it's a different thing to have an informal chat with a customer than it is with someone who is paying for the privilege.

And what sort of cake should I make?


  1. What a great idea! Hope it goes really well. Personally I am planning to make a polenta cake as soon as we have moved (like this but perhaps with cranberries in and using agave to drench). Which is less odd than it sounds: I am running down my cupboards!

  2. Hurrah :) Sod the nerves, you'll do a great job. If you're really smart, you'll get them to do some hands on, practical stuff. Like cleaning out a chicken house and giving a hen a brazillian...