Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I am attempting to type with Simpkin, elderly and much loved cat, trying to get me to tickle his ears at the same time. He is doing this by occasionally very gently taking my typing index finger in his teeth and pulling it towards him. It hurts. He also has his paw stretched out on to my wrist.

This morning, B arrived home after a five day trip. We took the children in to town for lunch and do some errands. Lunch went well. Then B took them to the park to feed the ducks whilst I had some acupuncture. Also good. Then we went for tea-and-cake.

Leo's piece-de-resistance involved marching round the tea-and-cake shop loudly announcing "I AM ATTENTION SEEKING! I AM ATTENTION SEEKING!" whilst I curled up and died a bit inside.

For today, that is all. Gin anyone?


  1. I'm quite sure most people would simply smile and pay him attention :)


  2. Ooooh... gin and acupuncture. You're an adventuresome soul. When I have acupuncture, I'm usually quite done in. I hope it's working well for you.