Sunday, 27 March 2011

and once again, hello

Right, let's get going again then.

This week - car boot sales selling plants and eggs, toddlers nicking toys from nursery and making everyone laugh at their determination, chickens starting to lay well, eggs hatching in the incubator, B home for the weekend from a job which involved someone firing eggs wrapped in condoms out of her lady-bottom (waste of good eggs!), sunshine, daffodils, chicks and broodies, more head-space, cash flow evening out instead of terrifying peaks and troughs, grass growing, sheep about to lamb.


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  1. I started to wonder about eggs, condoms and lady bottoms and then had to go and lie down for a while :-) .........

    Other than that I have been moving pigs in any direction except the one they were supposed to go in, digging yet more of the veg patch, helping small boys with their homework, leaving the spuds I bought AND paid for at the Boot Fair where I bought them (doh), buying buff Orpington eggs to go under my broody, catching up with friends at the Boot Fair, enjoying the spring flowers and I even hoovered part of downstairs. Only "part" I would like to emphasise!