Monday, 17 January 2011

golf, anyone?

It's been a quite stressful few days. Sister Natalie was taken in to hospital a week ago with very bad abdominal pains and had a gallstone the size of a golfball removed last Tuesday. She's home, but it was pretty horrible for her and tiring for Ma. We have been doing our best to provide support; but now we have all come down with a yukky cold/cough and are staying away, on the grounds that the last thing that someone with a golf-ball diameter hole in their stomach wants is a cough.

In the meantime, we have worked really hard and have mostly got the breeding pens for the poultry set up. The Barnevelders and Salmon Faverolles have come back in to lay and I have a test-hatch in, so I am starting to take orders. The electric netting is round the pens, so Ma doesn't have to shut them up for us whilst we are confined to barracks.

The children are playing with a HUGE amount of Happy Street stuff that we were given for them in November. I am not sure it all fits in the living room when it's laid out - but it's keeping them occupied and that is good.

Things are mundane.

I LIKE mundane.

It's soothing.


  1. No, it's definitely flu ;-)

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  3. b, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's NOT flu. Nice try. :)

    Glad Sister Natalie is getting better.

  4. Poor Natalie, she must have been feeling pretty ill for a while. That's a massive gallstone. Hope they saved the gall bladder.