Friday, 17 December 2010


Felted balls for tree decorations, felted soaps for presents. Gingerbread for tree decorations. Boxes with jam and charity-shop books for presents. Snow. Thinking about getting a tree. Excited children. Spinning and knitting. Fire burning in the hearth. Ice on the windowpanes, cosy under the covers.

Early sunsets. Bright night skies. The Milky Way turning like a wheel above me. Clarity. Moonlight on snow. Crunch of snow and ice underfoot. Nenna fascinated by her footprints. Ponies on the hill obscured by flurries of goose-down. Holly on the sofa at Ma's. Chickens walking like Hitler on the cold ground.

Carol service in the church next to the house on Tuesday. Bells. A sense of continuity and peace.


(With thanks to a throw-away comment that colour it green made on a thread on downsizer last week about discovering Yule being the two weeks each side of mid-winter, all by herself).

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  1. You need the peace. Delighted you seem to have found it, and long may it last!