Sunday, 26 December 2010


Dear Weather Gods

Please send a thaw.

I am fed up with not being able to poddle around looking after my own livestock - and although Ma and Sister Natalie are doing a sterling job, I am really conscious that it is pretty much taking up three hours of their day to open up and defrost water and feed them ... then defrost water mid-day ... then feed and defrost in the afternoon ... then shut up and empty drinkers in the evening.

I am bored with sliding around as I walk.

I am bored with Leo being nervous about ice and snow underfoot - due to an injudicious screening of 'Polar Express' at nursery, about which I have had a mild word.

I am tired of being trapped at home with two toddlers who are bursting with energy and need to go out.

I am sad that we have run out of raw milk and the children are therefore on the homogenised, which is making them snotty.

B and I are both fed up with semi-regular defrosting of the water pipe in to the house with either the heat gun or the hair dryer, when it freezes overnight.

And finally, I am completely fed up with two cats who refuse to go outside for their toileting habits and therefore needing to clean out a stinking cat-litter every day.

So I would like warmer weather soon, if that is okay with you. I WILL miss some things:

The sense of it being okay to be at home and doing things with B and the children.

The cosy sense of being curled up by the fire.

The crunch of snow underfoot.

The sense that we have everything we need and no need to go out.

The being all together at home that we have experienced in the last fortnight.

I thank you for these reminders that it is family and the day to day turning of the wheel that is important. And I promise I will try to remember that if you could warm the weather up a bit.

Yours most respectfully,



  1. i can relate to that! The white stuff is getting on my nerves!

  2. My grandchildren loved Polar Express when they saw it at a very young age, which surprised me, I thought it would have been too scary for them. Maybe it's because Leo saw it when there actually was snow, and they didn't so it was more of a fantasy for them.

    I've been a bit sorry not to be snowed in this year, I love it when that happens. Though ice is a bit different, and a hard frost every night does get tedious.

  3. Happy New Year Ally. I have been doing some catching up on my blog reading. I hope your holidays were wonderful, and Santa was good to all of you.