Wednesday, 8 December 2010

i feel, i felt, I am felting

Mostly, these days, I feel like I am drowning in toddlers.

Gradually, sneakily, though, I am getting a small amount of brain-power back. I squirrel it away when it's not being used to calculate what needs un-smearing next. Or to mop things or people up. Or find things that have been posted or otherwise hidden. Sometimes in ones pants or the pants of ones sibling.

And when I have saved up enough, I can spend it.

I can blog a bit. Or I can read. Or I can talk in words of more than one syllable about things that don't involve Bob The Builder, to people who are more than three feet tall. I have taken up spinning again - my new project for the winter is to spin a fleece and knit some things out of the spun yarn. Then, come the spring, hopefully I will be good enough to be able to sell yarns and experiment with dying them.

I think that one of the contributing things to the brain-gain is that I have accepted that it is simply not possible to do things of great import, or urgency, with two dwarves hanging off your legs. The trick is to make the most of what you CAN do.

So at the weekend, I fought my almost overwhelming desire to run away and hide somewhere in the middle of Mongolia until January; and we made some Christmas Cards for the family. The last few years I haven't 'done' cards for family and friends. It's been a huge weight of guilt, crushing me down in to seasonal oblivion. This year, I have admitted early that it isn't. I Have Decided. No cards for friends. Only for close family.

We made six. It was great fun. B had to have a bit of a lie-down afterwards with some brandy - he has never done any Making Things with children before and was expecting actual outcomes, rather than having to pick bogies out of the Pritt Stick and refereeing who could scream loudest about scissor-possession.

I am now revving up to do some wet felting with them - making Christmas Tree decorations. The wool arrived today and I will report back when we get there.


  1. I gave up on Christmas cards several years ago, except for a few elderly and solitary friends, to whom they really mean something. We phone a lot of people in December instead - mostly, my husband does that because he loves the phone and I don't. It is such a liberation. I still feel guilty, but I'm incapable of going back.

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better