Friday, 24 December 2010

... and at last

Mince pies made, mini banana muffins made, kitchen cleaned of thin coating of flour. Tree brought in and put up, ginger biscuits hung on, felted berries hung on.

Overexcited children put to bed with an empty pillowcase each. Cider mulling in the kitchen. Fire burning in the woodburner. Good smells. Home-made angel at the top of the tree.

I hesitate to say it, in case I tempt the fates; but I am content.


  1. Sounds wonderful : )

    Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

  2. I'm glad you feel content.
    Happy Christmas to you all xx

  3. The dog sends heartfelt apologies for the eating-the-gingerbread-decoration incident. Twice.

  4. Hope you've had a lovely day xx