Sunday, 10 October 2010

weekend chaos

Husband away; friends visiting; toddlers wee-ing; toddlers shouting; inappropriate cat-poo; visiting friends with visiting friends; barbeque; selling chickens; talking chickens; different friends visiting; poultry auction; pony auction; MORE friends visiting; car immobiliser knackered; toddlers wee-ing; toddlers shouting; cake in my hair; chickens escaping; toddlers helping chickens escape; more selling chickens; damson gin; cake; coffee; tea; mother laughing; rabbit allergy; washing toddler trousers; cat sat on laptop; updating website; new marans; early night called for.


  1. Thank you for allowing us to join in/add to the chaos. Lovely to meet you, your family and of course the chickens !!

  2. Hi i live in wiltshire not too far from you! your post made me laugh as I understand completely about weekend chaos!