Thursday, 21 October 2010


Me: Leo, have you done a wee?
Leo: Yes, Mummy, I have. I did a wee in the cup and now we are having nice cup of tea.
Me: Yipes!
Leo: [tips dolls tea cup of wee in to large wet patch on bedroom carpet]
Nenna: [grabs Leo's willy]
Leo & Nenna: [fall over in to patch of wee, giggling]
Me: Sigh. [Exit to get floor cloth and run bath]

Today I am mostly waiting for the washing machine repair man.


  1. Oh gods - He's ever so slightly obsessed with the wee isn't he - You can always come and hide up here for a bit if you fancy xx

  2. I'm not sure whether it's him or ME, to be honest. It's just, if I don't think about it *constantly*, it's suddenly EVERYWHERE :(.

  3. It gets better I promise - wait till they are stomping up and down the stairs telling you that you just don't understand them AT ALL - Far lees wee involved then