Monday, 11 October 2010

the wheel of the year

I have just taken our landlord's dogs out for a final run before putting them to bed with their biscuits.

They sky is incredible - so clear. We are right on the edge of the Quantock Hills, so there isn't much light pollution at all. Standing looking up towards the hill, with the tops of the trees silhouetted against the skyline, I really felt as if I was standing under the Wheel Of The Year. It is quite windy tonight, although it's not too cold. The fallen leaves were blowing about on the ground and the branches of the trees were whipping in the wind.

I had this amazing moment where I felt as if I was the tiny, tiny pivot around which the stars were turning.

I couldn't hear the red deer tonight - but for the last week, there has been a very impressive stag who has brought his harem down out of the woods and in to the parkland. They have been there as I have driven home up the drive past the 'big house' every evening. And then later, as it has got dark, he has been bellowing to all and sundry that this is his territory and these are his wives. It's a very eerie noise, very base and very primal.

Autumn is most definitely here, although the days this week have been a real Indian Summer. The nights are cold, the fire is lit.

Mentally and physically, I am battening down the hatches as winter approaches. Ordering logs, making jam and wine, storing the fragrances and fruits of the season against the coming cold to tide us over until spring starts again.

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  1. Such a lovely picture you painted here. And such a contrast to your last post !