Wednesday, 22 September 2010

two paragraphs

I've left it a bit late to post today ... my excuse/reason is that I have been Very Busy Doing Things. So this is a list, I'm afraid:

1. Cleaned kitchen
2. Bought gin for damson gin
3. Worked on a friend's website
4. Talked to Ma about Chicken Accommodation
5. Learned to pluck a pheasant by standing on it's wings

Does that count as two paragraphs? ;)


  1. lol sounds like a busy/productive day.

    Intriqued re pheasant plucking ?

  2. "Chicken Accommodation" sounds suspiciously like a concept I would have read about in one of my psych textbooks. ;)

  3. "Cleaned kitchen" would be enough excuse for me, but I expect your kitchen isn't as perennially untidy as mine. When I had a small kitchen, I kept it tidy but now only the work surfaces where I actually prepare food are kept in any sort of order.