Thursday, 23 September 2010


Last night Jo Coffeeslut came over for tea and stayed over. We spent a lot of the evening bashing our way through updating our friend Rosie's website - go and look if you like cake, although the new site isn't live yet! - and eating things that B made us. Then this morning, whilst the rest of them were watching Hoodwinked, I started to update my own poultry website. Which again, doesn't have the new version live yet.

I feel a bit like a swan - there's been lots of activity paddling along like mad under the water - but none of it is actually SHOWING yet.

Then we went out and did some errands, which included popping in to Ma's to check chickens; and now I am back on the website again whilst B puts the kids to bed. I have some photos of children, chickens and apples; but I need to work out how to install the correct software on Ubuntu to get them off my phone. So maybe that will be tomorrow's post!


  1. Swans are lovely and I'm quite sure you look serene whilst paddling madly. :)

    I've been watching you Twitter over the last couple of months (I don't myself) so knew you were relatively OK, but am pleased to read proper posts again.


  2. Of course, promising to comment on every post would work better if I managed to do it on a daily basis.

    I don't know how you manage to fit in all you do - I'm sure I couldn't have when my children were small.