Monday, 27 September 2010

sheer fury

Today was unspeakable.

I simply cannot believe that the level of provision for mental health services in Taunton Deane is so poor.

As some of you will know, a friend of ours has been suffering from very severe depression for some months now. The Crisis Team provision is laughable in itself. She has telephoned them when in crisis and they haven't called her back. She has telephoned them when in crisis to be told to ring the Samaritans. She has telephoned them when in crisis and no-one has answered.

Her 'Care Co-ordinator' went on holiday for three weeks in the summer and neglected to tell her, or provide back-up care provision. When she came back, she 'felt she had been unreliable and let my friend down', so she resigned as her care co-ordinator and my friend has had to wait for someone else. Who has also been on holiday for three weeks.

We are now eight weeks down the line. Over the weekend, my friend has been feeling very, very low. She went to her first meeting with the new care co-ordinator today, with an advocate from MIND. At the meeting, she was told that because she has already had CBT, they can do no more for her with one-to-one counselling, as they 'do not do long term care'. Discharge was mentioned. Despite her answering 'yes' to many of the questions about mood and self-care that should trigger warning lights about someone not being able to keep themselves safe.

Her next appointment with the care co-ordinator is in two weeks, as is an appointment with the unit psychiatrist to discuss medication. In the meantime, my friend is left feeling suicidal, genuinely as if she cannot go on, with no professional support at all.

I am so furious that I cannot, really, contain this any longer, although it is not really my story to write about.

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  1. What a peculiar and unkind reaction 'I've let you down - I quit altogether." Thoroughly unprofessional too. I suppose she feels she is putting herself out of the reach of criticism. But the attitude in the whole department must engender that sort of behaviour and be really difficult to work in.

    But the immediate problem is your friend's condition of course, and that does sound really worrying.