Monday, 20 September 2010


This is the easy bit. I have made a pact with Jo Coffeeslut to post every day between now and Christmas. Minimum of two paragraphs, unless we are away from home and physically unable to post.

I have been spending much less time blogging recently that I used to. I think that this is partly because I haven't had the head-space to write anything I have felt was worthwhile. And partly because I have been using facebook and downsizer for my recreational internet time. I feel as if I have more mental energy that I have had for a while now, though - and I have also been inspired by Earthenwitch's post about spending less time online in order to Do Things; and a conversation with her in person about using online time more productively - during a couple of happy afternoons watching children water each other in her garden.

So, I suggested the pact. And Jo went for it. Does anyone else want to join in?


  1. I will. Earthenwitch summed up my feelings exactly in her post - minus small children.

    I just don't seem to be getting anywhere,feel totally overwhelmed and flat.Waste far too much time 'fiddling' online but don't have the spark/self worth to contribute anything worthwhile and as you say lack the head space to blog anymore than once a week.

  2. Well, I would, but it'd be cheating as I post every day anyway. However, I'll join in the spirit of things by trying to come and comment every day.

    I'm a bit too loquacious for Facebook to be enough for me, which is a bit of an embarrassing admission. I do rather like the atmosphere there, though.