Tuesday, 28 September 2010

not keptomania after all

Today, I started off on the hopefully simple process of converting two 1930's camp beds in to pens for my chicks to go in in the greenhouses and be moved around on to fresh ground every day with their heated brooder boxes. I shall probably now be hung, drawn and quartered by the Museum of the 1930's or something. Ma slept on one all through the war and said that she really felt that it was time for it to go. Then someone sat on it and the canvas ripped and that was that.

Yesterday, I took Leo back to the shop he took the smoothie from. He was very good about it, as was the shop-owner; and I think he now understands about taking things that don't belong to you. He was VERY thoughtful on the way there and then piped up "Mummy? Mr Toad stole that man's car and went to prison, didn't he?". It too me a while to work out his train of thought. But I replied that yes, he had. But that grown-ups went to prison for stealing and not little boys.

I think it went in. We went for a scone afterwards (cheese, not fruit of course!) and he checked with the lady behind the cash desk whether it was okay to take his unfinished half-scone home with him as we paid her.

Tomorrow, I have a group of friends coming for the day to Stitch and Bitch. We have organised once-a-month sessions at each others houses and I am very much looking forward to it.

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  1. Bless his dear little heart. Sorry, Ally, a grandmother claims the right to be sentimental. And he's learned from the experience and won't do it again, and you did the right thing and everything - blimey, how often can a mother say that?