Saturday, 25 September 2010


Can I just take a moment to say "OH MY GOD!".

We have been to Minehead today for various reasons - to pick up some freecycling and to do a bit of shopping. And we have come home with some cow-print pyjamas as a birthday present for Sister Natalie, one or two other bits, and an Ella's Kitchen smoothie that Leo put in the bag with the pyjamas in the health food shop.

First, the cow pyjamas. Leo wanted to get her either dinosaurs or Thomas the Tank engine, neither of which we could find in an appropriate size. I steered him away from the leopard-skin print ones in favour of the cow print, as I thought they were marginally less awful. And then on the way home I had a whole moment of 'Oh good grief! What if Sister Natalie things I am sending her a subtle message?'. Luckily, when I mentioned this, she laughed, if rather edgily.

Secondly, the unsanctioned smoothie incident. What do I do now? I found it in the bag when we got home and have just had a 'little talk' with Leo about what stealing is. I asked him what he thought we should do now and he said he thought we should go back to the shop and talk to the lady and pay for it 'and then we'll say no more about it, Mummy!'. I reckon that's the right approach. I can cope with a little personal humiliation at this stage if it means that my son doesn't turn in to a kleptomaniac. But what do other people think?

In other news, today I have sold a trio of cream legbars and someone has put dibs on a silkie, a barnevelder and a cream legbar for three weeks time when their chicken coop arrives. I'm quite satisfied with that!

For today, that is all.


  1. I reckon so too. Though I don't think it's up to Leo to decide that nothing more is to be said about it! - still, I agree, as long as he doesn't do it again.

  2. I agree absolutely, Z! He's like a little parrot - that's my Mum speaking. He also tells us that he 'actually can't do that right now, as he is a bit tight for time' ...

  3. Every child tries it once. Well handled.

  4. I agree with star. If you feel really, really guilty about it for the shop's sake, you might send them the dosh for the smoothie, with an anonymous letter. Leo is so little to have taken it, and yes, no more needs to be said right now! What a gorgeous boy, and they all do it. :o)