Tuesday, 21 September 2010


The Apples Family have been on An Adventure today. B had a meeting with a potential client in Bristol this morning; so we took some sandwiches and continued up to Worcester, where we took possession of five twelve week old Amrock pullets.

They are a dual purpose utility breed of heavy poultry - related to the Barred Plymouth Rock but better layers, apparently. I needed some more laying hens; and these fit the bill. They are also pretty rare - so I am going to wait and see how they turn out as adults and maybe see if I can get them a husband next summer. They will also be a part of Project Barnebar in place of the Barred Rock that are often used to put the barring gene in to the breed.

We had a *very* nice afternoon - we were early for Chicken Collection; so we stopped at The Anchor at Wyre Piddle and whiled away a very pleasant couple of hours with a cups of tea and preventing Leo launching himself in to the river after the ducks. Sister Natalie gave him a toy sword and shield for his birthday at the weekend; and he ran up and announced to me that he was going to go 'in to the caves to fight the goblins and corks' :).

Welcome to Sandra, who is going to try the 'post a day' challenge!

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  1. I sometimes rather fancy the idea of having a actual breed of hen rather than our ramshackle mongrel bantams, but I fear I would find them a bit intimidating.