Friday, 24 September 2010


Superglue is just bizarre, isn't it?

I have more or less decided that there is NO point keeping a tube after you've used it once. Or had it open for a week, or something like that. The nozzle thingy gets clogged up and goes really hard and you end up ripping it off and sticking yourself to the wall trying to unblock it.

So. Now.

We went to Bookers the day before yesterday - for non-UK readers, it's a catering and small shop wholesaler - and along with the sugar and flour and what-not, we bought a SIX-PACK of superglue. I removed one pack, put the rest in the cupboard well out of the reach of experimenting children. And then I went on a Gluing Mission.

Things I have glued over the last two days include:

1. The bit that had cracked off the new incubator
2. The bit at the back of the hippo pop-up story book
3. A cup
4. My nipple
5. My fingers

Luckily, four and five weren't the crisis they would have been a decade ago, as superglue now has a fifteen second time-lag for you to unglue the various bits of you that inevitably get glued to other bits of you by accident.


  1. I am not going to ask. My mind will just boggle away quietly.

  2. hee - I leave the gluing of things to the other half as I just *know* I'd stick myself to something (probably a cat...)

    And yes, you're entirely correct. Use within a week or throw it away. Wonderfully cunning plan by the manufacturers, that :)