Wednesday, 14 July 2010

living is easy

Or at least, it should be. A friend of mine has added a suggestion to the new UK Government's 'Your Freedom' suggestions site regarding the right to live in a temporary dwelling on your own land.

I wholeheartedly support it - done properly it WON'T open the door to property developers. If you feel able, commenting on the article will keep it on the front page of the site and in the public eye.


  1. Um. On the edge of a village three miles away, a group of travellers - gypsies, not New Age travellers - bought a field, tarmacked it and put in a dozen families, There were no amenities and it was completely unsuitable for long-term occupancy, Planning permission was turned down and so they appealed, then withdrew the appeal at the last minute and reapplied, which happened several times.

    I'm not anti travellers, I didn't object when planning permission was applied for by the council for a permanent site in my village (it was unsuitable for children, next to a pig farm and a main road and was turned down). But the family involved in the other village are well known around here and people are afraid of them for good reason. A restriction to a single family wouldn't help - this was one big extended family of about 30 people in a small field.

  2. I think Penny's proposal would be do-able if the correct things were made permissible and not permissible. The case that you describe is illegal and would still be illegal. Perhaps the enforcement laws need to be made more stringent as the same time as loosening the restrictions? I don't know. Penny's proposal was put forward as a place to start, I think, rather than the 'be all and end all'.