Sunday, 27 June 2010

perfect day

We have had a perfect family day so far today.

Leo slept until seven - an hour and a half after he has been waking during the last two weeks. We all had tea/milk in bed for an hour and some of us made 'houses' under other people's knees/the duvet. Then we went to Watchet Station, parked the car and got on the steam train to Blue Anchor. We strolled along the sea-front, had fish and chips at the cafe and then got the train back to Watchet.

Then we walked around the harbour and looked at the boats (and the crane!); by which time the children were nodding a bit. So we loaded them in to the car and drove to Ma's. They slept for an hour, which gave us time to go round and feed/water the chickens. By the time they woke up, Ma had, too; so we installed Leo in front of Postman Pat and Nenna helped us weigh up peas and beans for Ma to sell tomorrow.

And now we are home, about to do tea-and-bath-and-bed.

This is how NORMAL people spend weekends, isn't it? I had almost forgotten, we have been running on adrenalin for so long.


  1. It sounds blissful and I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful day. Long may it last!