Tuesday, 29 June 2010

want a short (or even a long) break?

Some friends of ours have a beautiful two-person holiday cottage to rent out that has vacancies during the summer. It is in West Wales on a working smallholding and I can't recommend it enough. Click on the picture for more details!

stitch and bitch

B went away for a few days work yesterday morning and I am floating along on a sea of toddlers. I am going to a Stitch & Bitch tomorrow, though, whilst the kids are at nursery. And then in the evening having a curry-and-Buffy night with Coffeeslut and B.

I've got a few jobs I need to sort out today - making some bread for said Stitch and Bitch and cleaning out the brooder for the chicks who should hatch on Monday are the most important two. But I am REALLY getting the hang of this 'taking time' thing. I could get used to it!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

perfect day

We have had a perfect family day so far today.

Leo slept until seven - an hour and a half after he has been waking during the last two weeks. We all had tea/milk in bed for an hour and some of us made 'houses' under other people's knees/the duvet. Then we went to Watchet Station, parked the car and got on the steam train to Blue Anchor. We strolled along the sea-front, had fish and chips at the cafe and then got the train back to Watchet.

Then we walked around the harbour and looked at the boats (and the crane!); by which time the children were nodding a bit. So we loaded them in to the car and drove to Ma's. They slept for an hour, which gave us time to go round and feed/water the chickens. By the time they woke up, Ma had, too; so we installed Leo in front of Postman Pat and Nenna helped us weigh up peas and beans for Ma to sell tomorrow.

And now we are home, about to do tea-and-bath-and-bed.

This is how NORMAL people spend weekends, isn't it? I had almost forgotten, we have been running on adrenalin for so long.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Basic tasks accomplished today include cleaning up cat wee on my knitting basket and the carpet, washing, feeding us all and not crying with exhaustion.

Sometimes, you've got to count that as a success, haven't you? :).

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to the South Somerset Green Fair. If the stars and the toddlers align. A few friends are going and it will be great if I can actually manage to load us all in to the car and arrive. If I can't do that, I will have to go to Plan B, which is still vague and smacking of tea-drinking and Bob-Bob watching. Plan A, much better.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

winds of change

I feel that I have been through a process that has made me a different person to the person I was at this time last year. It's been very positive for me; but I think that while it has been happening, it has been reflected in the lack of blogging I have been doing. There have been things going on that I haven't been able to write about because of the way that would impact on people that I care about. Quite a few people who know me and my family in real life read this blog; and whilst I am comfortable with that, there is no denying that it *does* mean that sometimes I self-censor.


Things have moved on sufficiently so that I feel that I can blog properly again. So where are we?

We have just come back from a skill-sharing weekend with the Downsizer contingent in North Devon. It was great fun - I demonstrated 'Chicken Wrangling' which went down well, I think, despite one of the chickens in question managing to poo in my pocket as it was being wrangled. And I learned how to sharpen things. And spent time with some people who have become very good friends over the last few years.

B is working today - as usual things are tailing off for the summer and we are looking forward to having time to do things chicken-wise and garden-wise together. Once I manage to get my phone sorted, I am going to try to post a picture-a-day for a bit.

Now I'm off to pick up some hatching eggs!