Saturday, 3 April 2010


I think it fair to say that I don't feel much like a person at the moment. Over the last few weeks, I have felt that I am drowning in things that other people have needed from me - and there is none of 'me' left for myself. Nothing physical, nothing emotional, nothing creative.

Hence the lack of blogging.

However, the last week or so, I have made a determined effort to carve out some of the space that I need for myself. I have:

1. Set up a series of Bowen Therapy sessions that are supposed to relax and release tension.
2. Organised in my head what it is I want to do with the chickens and actually started to put that in to place over the last couple of days.
3. Spent some quality time with the children.
4. Spent some quality time with friends we haven't seen for ages.
5. Negotiated with B about a new-start type cleaning schedule to keep on top of the house without having to descend deeply in to Flylady.
6. Booked a few days away for the two of us with Ma and Sister Natalie looking after the children.

And now, I am starting to blog again.

I have some goals for the next month:

1. Get some vegetables in.
2. Get another hatch on next weekend.
3. Sort out my trap-nesting.
4. Keep on with the 'me' time.
5. Hopefully as a result of all that, stop being frustrated and upset all the time at my lack of self-nourishment.

Not much, maybe. But a start.

And let us not speak of the end of year accounts, please. Or at least, not yet.