Tuesday, 2 February 2010

one a day

I have been doing lots of real-world stuff, which has got in the way of blogging a bit. I am going to try to turn over a new leaf and copy Ms Mac's example, and blog every day in February. Stand by for a lot of trivial twitter!

My missions for this month include:

  • Collecting the bees from Mid-Wales, so I can get them settled at Ma's before the weather starts to warm up properly
  • Sorting out some more breeding pens for the chickens and seeding and planting them properly
  • Getting a bit of ground ready to plant some veg for us over the summer - Ma doesn't believe in things like courgettes - nasty foreign stuff! - so we need to do some of that kind of thing ourselves.

Nenna is teething and when she's awake wants to walk constantly, either holding your hands or pushing her little trolley around. She can't quite manage it independently yet, but it won't be long.

B has just started a six week long period doing a touring relight for a dance company - quite a bit of time away. I am determined to cope without too much extra input from anyone else. I have felt much better over the last few weeks - I need to keep it up.


  1. Good luck with Feb! I quite enjoyed my "Blog Every Day". Might ave to do it again!

  2. OMG...I dont think I would ever be able to blog every day!! Good luck with it hon...I look forward to reading your posts :-)

    C x

  3. What happened to the first of Feb?!

  4. I didn't want to have to live up to too stringent expectations :)