Saturday, 6 February 2010

not chickens but pigs

Yesterday was a bit of a dead-loss in blogland because I spent it driving to Wales and back with the lovely Bring Me Sunshine to collect her pork from the abattoir. It was a LOT of pork. Five pigs-worth. Which filled the entire back seat and boot of her large car.

We reversed up to the fridge door at the abattoir and the boxes and bags just kept coming. And coming. And coming. And coming. The suspension on the car kept getting lower and lower and lower. And just when we thought it was over, they brought out the offal. Lots of offal. We ended up with just under 400 kilos of pork; and all I could think was 'thank goodness we didn't bring either the dogs or the children'.

We dropped three pigs-worth off in South Wales on our way home and replaced it with three chickens - less weight, more noise.

Today I have been sticking bits of pig in brine and salt tubs and bagging up chops and belly. My plan is to make some ham and air-dry it and to use to some of the belly slices for sausages and the joints for mince. I've been given a mincer-attachment for the Kenwood which I am hoping will do the job. I've got the larger belly cuts in the brine for bacon. I've never used a brine bucket before - I've always just dry-salted, which has often resulted in it being too salty, even after a lot of soaking. I have put four large joints in the dry salt tub this time - the idea being that I am going to wrap it in a pillow-case and hang it somewhere to dry off afterwards for a few months to make air-dried ham.

I will report back. No photos, I'm sorry - it was difficult enough finding space to put it all, as well then being able to find somewhere to stand to take a photo!


  1. It was lovely to see you both - my pork is all looking lovely, all wrapped and bagged in the freezer. I'm very glad I didn't have a whole pig now though, as I've no idea what I would have done with the other half!

  2. Jennie, I can recommend slow roasting a joint if you've got the time: that's what Ally did on Sunday and it was de-licious :)