Monday, 8 February 2010

me me me me me

Today I have been having a day off. I have started to realise recently, that actually, I am not that great at managing my life so that I get time for myself; and I was starting to desperately need some.

So I went for a cup of tea this morning with a really nice woman I have met at nursery who is in the same 'brightly coloured shoes and slightly non-mainstream' category that I place myself in. And then I went to talk to my chickens. And then I went for tea-and-cake with Earthenwitch. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Not to mention the extremely nice evening I had curled up by the fire last night once the children were in bed.

I need this balance in my life - time for everyone I love and proper time for me, as well. It's quite easy, isn't it, to lose yourself in other people? I don't mean the babies, I mean my family and friends. I find I am good at empathising with the people I love and seeing things from their point of view. One of those people said to me recently that sometimes, I didn't realise that I was also allowed to look at things from my OWN point of view and work out what I need or want, too.

So that is what I am going to take some time to do - decide what I need; and then carve out the time in our life to try to achieve some of it. I am frightened that I am going to lose myself in other people if I go on like this - adults AND children. Balance is what I am after.

And with that, an early night is what is called for. Possibly with a hot water bottle, because it's blinkin' freezing and I haven't lit the fire.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, it's something I've always found essential. In my younger days I didn't have much stamina and if I over-extended it took me days to recover, so I've always had to look after myself. It's a really positive sign to recognise it and do something about it - with no guilt, I trust - so I'm really pleased for you.