Monday, 15 February 2010

fox time

Today, I am Offical Last Man Standing. This cough-coldy thing that's going round isn't great, is it? It's certainly making me wish that I'd done more pelvic floor exercises after having the babies.

I am failing miserably on the 'blogging every day for a month' front, aren't I? There just seems to be quite a bit going on in real life (tm) that means I'm not spending too much time online with my blogging brain-cells up and running.

Things that have been happening include:

1. Processing a pig. A WHOLE pig. Okay, it was only a small whole pig, but we don't have a great deal of freezer space left. We boiled the last of the brined hams yesterday and they taste *fantastic* - however, they aren't suitable for air-drying as the ones that have actually been in a salt cure will be. And we have literally a pile of chunks of bacon drying in the fridge before freezing.

2. Bring Me Sunshine has moved not far down the road from us and we have been helping her to unpack and get straight. It's not quite as satisfying chucking someone else's rubbish out as it is your own - but almost.

3. I have been organising chickens like mad. The ladies are coming back in to lay and I have made decisions about breeding pens and who is going where. I've got them all penned up - but I really need to sort out proper space for them, two pens per breeding group so that I can switch them between them and rest the ground; and have a house for youngsters I'm growing on. It's getting to Fox Time of year, so I need to get my fences sorted out properly.

4. The children have been pretty under the weather with this cough thing - no antibiotics for anyone so far, thankfully - but all the adults are now coming down with it, so not great.

For tonight, that is all. I'm off to bid for a shed on eBay.

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  1. You sound more than busy enough without blogging every day, particularly if you're all suffering from bugs.
    Take care and don't over-do it!