Wednesday, 3 February 2010

duck soup

Today I mostly struggled with some semi-disposable Ikea furniture. I've come over all organised and ACTUALLY PURCHASED some Trotsky plastic draw thingies in a wooden frame thingy, to try to contain all the children's chaos.

The children think it's fantastic.

They thought putting it together was fantastic.

They thought the dowel and the bolts were fantastic.

They thought that the little Allen Key whatsit was fantastic.

They thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, which had me tearing my hair out after approximately ten seconds. And then, when it was assembled, we spent a happy half-hour replaying the scene from that Marx Brother's film where one of them is trying to pack a suitcase and the others are unpacking it.

After that, I put them to bed for a sleep and sat down and had a cup of tea and two sugars with my head in a bag.

Bee status - collection arranged.

That's about it, though. For today, that is all. Tomorrow. Chickens. Maybe.


  1. wow impressed not sure I would survive flat pack with two helpers.

    would love to hear about your chickens.

    Actually could I pm you a question re. breeding - chcikens of course:)

  2. Yes, of course you can! Always happy to obsess about chickens in any which way :)

  3. Ah, but you should have seen how much fun they were having :)