Saturday, 2 January 2010


Today, I am mostly attempting to do a clean install of the 64-bit version of Ubuntu on my laptop, finally getting rid of Windows for ever. I have been running a 32-bit version of Ubuntu alongside Windows XP for eighteen months or so and have gradually been using Windows less and less; so it just seemed time to let it go completely.


There is a file error in the boot-CD I burned and it will only run in a temporary fashion off the disk, ie, not install itself on the hard-drive. So I am re-downloading the .iso file on B's machine, swearing under my breath at myself for not bothering to check the disk for errors before I deleted all the old files off my own machine.


I am still tiring quite easily, presumably because of the Christmas Eve shennanigins; but yesterday B and Bring Me Sunshine, who is visiting for a few days, helped me to clean out the hens and generally jiggle with Poultry Accommodation and (I think) a good day was had by all. This morning I managed to get out and let the hens out myself for the first time for about a fortnight - B and Ma and Sister Natalie have been doing it for me - and it felt really good, even if I have spent the rest of the day being knackered.

Tomorrow I need to slaughter three full sized cockerels that are giving the hens a hard time; and four little ones that aren't worth fattening for the pot.

And for today, that is all.


  1. Yes, well, the less said about my help and the now bottomless chicken, the better...

  2. bottomless chicken ???

    This year *will* be a good year for *has* to be...all the best.

  3. Yay! for letting hens out and boo! for tiredness, but it sounds like you're doing really well, and it's nice to see you posting again.

    Must fix up a time for the exchange of tea, cake and a fireguard, if you still want it...?