Wednesday, 6 January 2010


In the spirit of Not Being An Old Person, I have signed up for Twitter. Only I am not entirely sure what it is FOR. Am I am supposed to 'twit' every ten minutes with a status report? Or my innermost thoughts? Or what? What is the POINT of it?

We are snowed in today. We have plenty of food, lots of logs and have been building snowmen (B and Leo) and curled up by the fire (me and Nenna, mostly). Also, B has started using his crumpet rings. Apparently they need to be well greased, with caused us some hilarity - being a bit snow-stir-crazy has set in already. I could never be a Finn, I'd be mad by midwinter.

Ma has moved the hens in to one of the big greenhouses and we are wondering whether it will collapse on them under the weight of the snow on the roof; Ma says that both she, and the greenhouses, are too elderly for brushing the snow off the roof.

In other news, erm, well. That's it, really.


  1. I obviously am An Old Person as not only can I not see the point of Twitter I have absolutely no intention of signing up for it :)

    Not especially snowed in (although the car isn't going out) but I'm over the snow. Much as I love my outdoor menagerie cleaning/feeding in 4 inches of snow isn't fun.


  2. Twitter? Does much the same thing as a Facebook status but without the rest of the fun, as far as I can see.

    Obviously I'm missing something...

  3. The names is so suggestive yet the netted world has missed the irony! Seriously, Twit(ter) may become a health hazard in a couple of years when acquired ADD begins to afflict the young (and the not so young who have lost their marbles). This ancient one will not twit at all.